Oracle Business Intelligence is a unique platform that allows customers to access real-time data and make faster decisions through the visual analysis of the self-service platform.

Instant mobile, highly interactive dashboards, powerful operational reports, just-in-time alerts, content and metadata search, strategy management, native access to Big Data sources, sophisticated in-memory processing and simplified system management combine to make Oracle BI a complete state-of-the-art solution.


With a full range of features Oracle Business Intelligence allows you to:

• Collect an organization’s data from multiple sources

• Present data through easy to understand formats such as graphs and /or tables

• Distribute data to employees of the organisation in a timely manner




• Highly interactive dashboard

• Powerful operational reports

• Just-in-time alerts

• Content and metadata search

• Strategy Management

• Native access to large data sources

• Sophisticated memory processing

• Simplified system management


Explore and interact with information in an easy and intuitive way with the help of tables and graphs that allow you to save, organize and share the results of analysis.



Dashboards provide customized views of business and external information, allowing users to access analytic information clearly with the help of filters, selection and prompt steps limiting or specifying data displayed in dashboards and analysis.

Known as Delivers, they automate business processes. Thanks to a planning that allows to activate agents under certain conditions it is possible to distribute timely useful information to users.


Through the conditions, it is possible to determine whether an operation should be performed, such as when an agent should distribute its content or not.


They provide content functionality by allowing users to perform the appropriate action with the ability to recall operations, functions or processes in external systems and based on the company’s detailed information acquired from the data received.


They enable targets and initiatives that include the business strategy to be modelled, their performance assessed by assigning KPI indicators and determine and display overall performance.

So why choose Oracle Business Intelligence?

Because not only, it reduces the total cost of ownership, but it increases the return on investment for the entire organization.


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