Domo is the operating system for companies that creates a new relationship between people, data and systems . By putting data into the hands of all members of the organization, Domo helps to redesign the way business can be done, creating new opportunities and measurable competitive advantages.


Domo securely connects and normalizes data disseminated on different platforms and coming from any part of the organization, consolidating them and making them visible in a single interface that facilitates their use both for individuals and for teams. Those who chose this platform not only gained in speed and ease of data connection, but they achieved an average ROI of 434% on their investment in digital transformation.


  • Connect real-time data from all your Cloud platforms by drawing from a collection of over 1,000 predefined connectors.

  • Import data from local systems, flat files, or proprietary systems.

  • Send data from Domo to source systems with bidirectional connectors.

  • Query the data directly from where it is hosted avoiding that sensitive data has to leave the firewall.

  • Unify the data of all your systems with ETL drag and drop integrated directly into the Domo platform.

  • Obtain a visual sequence that allows you to track data, actions and combine and improve your data, without the necessary SQL skills normally required.

  • Quickly merge MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel and hundreds of other data sources.

  • Keep your data up to date by automatically applying logic whenever your dataset is updated.

  • Write custom queries and data science actions directly in Domo.


Once your data is consolidated with Domo, teams and individuals can collaborate with shared KPIs and gain insights faster than ever by viewing real-time data from any device with fast page loading, even with hundreds of billions of rows. You can also customize visual layouts easily without the need for any coding and guide data analysis, with colors, explanatory text and images.

Thanks to Domo's predictive analytics and advanced alerts you can always stay one step ahead of your business.


  • With customized alerts that notify you when KPIs deviate from the threshold.

  • With questions about your data in natural language getting an immediate answer with text robots.

  • With automatic insights and descriptive statistics that allow you to continuously monitor your data to show correlations, summaries and more.


Maximize the value of your data by accessing pre-existing apps or creating custom apps on the Domo platform to answer your specific business questions and share data outside of your organization.


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