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Processes & PM

With a recognized experience in multiple sectors such as Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Services, Software Company, Media Market, Entertainment, Fashion, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage, our consultants support enterprises in the optimization and reorganization of business process through the solid skills and compentencies on CRM,  ERP and MRP platform applications. 


Furthermore, thanks to a strong team of software engineers, we are able to ensure that implemented systems adhere to the customer business model, by developing the necessary customization and integration in order to taylor system to the company's needs. 

Finally, with a consolidated methodogy in project management our team ensure that the implementation is consistent and in respect of the planed timeframe and allocated resources.


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case study

Motork chooses Consitek's italian localization to maximize all NetSuite’s standard features and, in the same time, ensure the respect of the requirements in compliance of the Italian statutory tax legislation.



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