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We take care of needs of our colleagues from day one, through a clear and structured onboarding process that allows them to have a clear vision about the long-term path in Consitek.

We emphasize the needs of each individual, supporting everyone in their own professional and personal goal by offering useful tools for their growth and autonomy.


We promote a collaborative workplace

where the knowledge is shared. We believe that contaminations are the basis for a rich and stimulating environment, sharing different points of view and knowledge, fundamentals of the innovation.

With a global mindset, our colleagues interact with international realities on a daily basis; this gives them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and cultural horizons.

Continuous training is an opportunity for all, because we believe that knowledge is the key to be competitive. We assure that our people are able to face the future with greater confidence playing their part.



We constantly work with the aim of creating an environment that helps our people to grow and  to better express themselves, confident that differences are the basis of true innovation.


In true CTK style, we alternate our working days with moments of leisure and aggregation to create a healthy and pleasant environment in which to evolve.


"The Consitek of the future will be the evolution of what we have built over the last few years. We created the foundations by putting together a great team of professionals and positioning ourselves clearly in the market in terms of both services and solutions. We will continue to invest in young talents just as we will continue to invest in R&D on cloud platforms."

Salvatore Cerminara - CEO

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